Free: Chapter 2 of Back to Faith on James 2:14 ff

Hi All,

As you know, James 2 is one of the most highly debated sections in the Bible. 

I want to give you a link to the entire chapter on James 2 from my book, Back to Faith, absolutely free.  Just promote the truth if you get convinced!

This chapter is an indepth look at the three common views:

  • The Roman Catholic View
  • The Reformed View
  • The Free Grace View

I look forward to your thoughts…please tell your friends.

James 2:14ff Link from Back to Faith



Fred Lybrand

Just a name and email address will have the chapter on James 2 on its way —————————>

3 thoughts on “Free: Chapter 2 of Back to Faith on James 2:14 ff”

  1. Hey Gene,

    Thanks for dropping by! You actually are becoming a bit of a dinosaur…I’m seeing a great drift nation-wide away from scripture. It seems (even some friends) are compelled to be creative with their teaching—rather than just being faithful to what ‘it’ says.

    We always are to preach something new…said better…to someones new (the audience which hasn’t heard the old old story).



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