Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The Cliché: An Overview of its History and Problems

Chapter 2

The Cliché is Logically Invalid

Chapter 3

The Cliché is Theologically Invalid

Chapter 4

The Cliché is Exegetically Invalid

Chapter 5

The Cliché is Pragmatically Invalid

Chapter 6

Are the Works of the Christian Guaranteed?

Chapter 7

The Cliché and Incongruity: John Piper, A Contemporary Example

Chapter 8

A Solution to the Cliché’s Error


Appendix A—Definitions of sozo

Appendix B—Is This Antinomianism?

Appendix C—Can Lesser Passages Rescue the Cliché?

Appendix D—Are There Carnal Christians?


The Faith that Saves is not Alone?