Carnal Christian?

I gave up on Blogspot (it wouldn’t let me post comments…only initial posts: see, so I’m reloading my last question.  I will be in the mountains with my sons until Thursday, so have at it!

My bottom line is that one can walk according to the flesh (2 Cor 10:2; Gal 5), and though one is a  true brother in Christ, can live as mere men (1 Cor 3:1-4).  ‘Can’ does not me ‘will or should’—so, I say carnality is simply the reality that Christians can sin; and that for extended periods of time.  Some deny even this…but I think most who bray at ‘carnality’ or worried that it gives one freedom to sin / ignore God / assume they are in good standing, etc.  The REAL debate is actually around two things:

1.  Can a Christian resist the Spirit and live ‘according to the flesh’ indefinitely (i.e. doesn’t the Spirit have to change their life)?

2.  How long can a Christian sin before it proves he isn’t really a Christian?

So, there you go…if you don’t like my formulation of the question, then help me out!.  Again, I’ll be gone for a few days…so be kind!!!

Grace and Peace,

Fred Lybrand

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