“Back To Faith” is now available


I’ll have them on sale at the Free Grace Alliance Conference (www.freegracealliance.com)

I’ll also offer a .pdf for purchase shortly (if you buy the book…I’ll probably give you the .pdf for your Kindle by request)

This is like nothing you’ve ever seen…I hope it turns out to be quite a resource!


Order BACK TO FAITH by Fred Lybrand

“Maintaining veneration for Calvin, this work resolves inherent contradictions to the Gospel found in the Reformed tradition.  Lybrand reiterates “faith alone in Christ alone,” and works accompanying salvation are “normal but not necessary” while cogently requiring the reader to reexamine theological traditions.  My prayer for the mindful Reformer: Read and wrestle with these words. Be willing to abandon all, for the clarity of the Gospel cannot be undervalued.”

Jay Quine, ThM, PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary;
President, College of Biblical Studies


“Fred Lybrand’s analysis of the common saying, ‘Faith alone saves, but the faith that saves is not alone,’ exposes the logical and biblical fallacies inherent in Calvin’s famous statement. With careful exegesis he dissects James’ discussion of faith and works with fresh insight into this controversial passage. When I read his doctoral dissertation I immediately encouraged him to publish this so that many others could benefit. The book is well written and finally puts Calvin’s cliché to rest—where it belongs.”

– Jody Dillow



Order BACK TO FAITH BY Fred Lybrand

9 thoughts on ““Back To Faith” is now available”

  1. Sorry Bro…I’m either going to be a villain or a hero! I do know, everybody is about to have to do some thinking… my hope is that it include John Piper

  2. Hey Fred,

    I just received my copy of “Back To Faith” today. My book (Fail-Safe For Fallacy), Tom’s (The Gospel Of The Christ) and yours came in the mail at lunch. Of course I had just finihsed working out and was trying to get into the shower.. this ended up making me late for work. Which I’m pretty sure must be your fault. 😉

    I can’t wait to get into it. I’m actually going to read yours first for two reasons. One Tom’s is an encyclopedia!! (Have you seen it??) and I’m talking with a Pastor about the “Faith alone, but the faith that saves isn’t alone..” bit right now.


  3. Hi Fred, I’m laying in bed but on the edge of my seat as I read. I’m on pg 68 and I’m having a delightful time!!

    I keep thinking “he’s gonna drop the ball this time…” but you keep completing the passes!

    I’m learning and I’m having a blast at the same time.

    Btw I read your dedication to my wife and she thinks it’s wonderful! Well done Brother.


  4. Fred I’m REALLY loving this book.

    I posted a note about my impressions of your chapter on James 2 at my blog. However, I didn’t want to get into details because I think the order of your arguments in BTF is proper.

    I found your explanation of that chapter a drastic departure (for me, not you) from how I have tried to examine it previously. I NOW realize that the cliche (love that title) has influenced my thinking either to see it in that chapter, or my reaction to it in that chapter. Either way it has colored my view and made it very hard to let the Text speak for itself.

    This was frankly SHOCKING to me. I believe of myself that I strive to surrender bias as I learn. So, thanks for exposing it in me! You can’t correct a mistake you don’t know you’re making so I value correction GREATLY.

    OK so as I’m reading I’m finding that I have some questions. I don’t really want to trip up other readers before they get where I am in the book. Also I don’t want to spoil the tasty bits that ought rightly entice potential readers to purchase the book.

    SOOOOoooo is there going to be a good venue to discuss the contents of the book at some point?


    1. Yes…ABSOLUTELY…on discussion (let me finish up with Jim) and we’ll get to it next (likely)!

      Glad you’re finding Back to Faith challenging (and freeing too…I hope)!


  5. Fred,

    This is an excellent book! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be recommending this book to my pastor friends in the Philippines. They are studying this very subject.

    Steadfast in the Word,
    Alfredo I. Cortez, Jr.

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