Preaching On Your Feet

Here’s an article from Leadership  on my book on Preaching without notes or manuscript.  Though especially for Church leaders, this information is helpful for anyone who want to become more effective as a public speaker.

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Ken Wilson posted these kind words on Amazon about Preaching on Your Feet…it really expresses my experience well:

I picked up this book at the last conference. Being a methodical type theologian, I had always memorized my sermons. After reading this book, I changed my presentation – but not my exacting exegesis. The response of the congregation has been impressive. The expressive dynamic of “real-time” interaction connected with them just as Fred explained. It could be compared to listening to a sermon on video versus interacting live. Same content – different experience level. Yes, I do leave out a minor point here and there that I had meant to cover; but, the results in effectively communicating God’s truth are well worth it. -Dr. Ken Wilson

What questions could I answer or explain about this this approach?

Fred Lybrand

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