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Tuscon Shooting Rhetoric Debate

I don’t normally weigh in on such things…but, wouldn’t the arguments about ‘political rhetoric’ causing a shooter in Tuscon to commit mass murder…be THE EXACT SAME argument against the Muslim Faith for causing the massacre at Ft. Hood?  The nature of free speech comes with a price…but human beings clearly are not robotic automatons…they still choose.  If rhetoric alone causes anything then 100s of 1,000s would be taking up arms (or helping the poor).  While ideas certainly have consequences, we don’t seem to notice that rhetoric is most often invented by a human heart to justify its view.  If education would return to teaching people HOW to think instead of WHAT to think; how to pursue virtue, rather than how to feel good about oneself— a profound and noble shift could occur.  God help us. 

– Fred Lybrand